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Advanced Classes

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Ballet, Tap, or Jazz (1 hour)
Separate one hour classes. You can choose to take all three classes or only the ones you want to take. Classes will be determined by age, ability, and dance knowledge.

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Pre- Pointe (1 hour)

This is an Intensive class that is designed to prevent injury, and concentrates on building correct muscle groups used when on pointe. This is a required class for students wishing to move up to pointe.

(A  minimum of one year Pre- Pointe is required ) The instructor will determine if additional training is required after the first year

Pointe (1 hour)

This class prepares students for the transition from

combination type classes to a full hour in a specific style class. Balance, barre, terminology, and flexibility is addressed in this class. 

Lyrical Dance (45 min - 1 hour)

Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends elements of ballet and jazz dance.  This class requires a ballet and jazz background experience.  Junior and Senior dance students may have the option to choose this class.

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